The Endless Emotions In A Random Run Cycle

In this music video, a character run cycle is repeated over and over again. Everything else in the frame — the backgrounds, effects, etc. — is completely redesigned each time the run cycle resets. It’s amazing how swapping out these seemingly secondary elements can completely change the emotion of the animation. It’s also a great reminder that EVERY part of the animation process is equally important!

Note: The song is Transfer, by Livetune, with vocals by Japanese voice actress Nakajima Megumi. The animation was done by Fantasista Utamaro and Kubotabee.

This is interesting (and also totally makes me want to rewatch Madoka, a lot of the early scenes are very “witch territory!”). The third fourth or so is kind of nonsensical, but it’s a cool idea overall and it makes me want to draw, which is a pretty good barometer for an art experiment, I think. 

Were all the panty shots REALLY necessary, though. Just … from an artistic standpoint, seriously, come on how the hell is this still a thing.

You know what, whatever, they’re spanks now, okay, I have decreed it. Once again something cool has demanded that I lie to myself about a significant recurring element in order to enjoy it without feeling gross. Wheeeeee. 

Aw yeah Heroes of Atlan started another new server, at last I can play an archer.